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Japan earthquake affecting the global electronics industry chain
March 11, Japan, 9.0 Richter earthquake and triggered massive tsunami devastated the northeast industrial area. The region’s automotive, petrochemical, semiconductor, and many factories have shutdown. Toshiba, Sony, Canon and other famous enterprises have not been spared. The next nuclear power plant disaster is the whole of Japan are shrouded in the clouds under the nuclear crisis.

With the advantage of science and technology in Japan in the global electronics industry has a pivotal position. As a result of the earthquake damage, energy shortages, transportation interruption, supply of raw materials affected product can not be shipped to the airport or port, the entire electronic component supply chain will face the risk of being interrupted, the price also will increase.

Fruit powder faithful who might have to endure iPad2 temporarily out of stock of the day. Apple’s list of suppliers, Japan is a very important part of Apple parts and components for Japan’s dependence degree has been high, according to a research institution in Japan to say, iPhone parts procurement from Japan accounted for the total cost of iPhone 34%, with further expansion of the disaster, one of the most critical NAND flash memory and battery management ICs are particularly affected.

Japan earthquake on the production and operation of local enterprises in China has caused a certain impact on the standard components as computer chips and memory has recently been substantially lifted the prices of some high-end photographic equipment also began to appear out of stock. Vigorously with previous distributors sell products to different customers, more businesses now choose to limit sales strategy. Several large domestic manufacturers of LCD panels from Japan because the supply of equipment and raw materials problems will directly affect production.

Internet communications can not escape. Night of the earthquake in Japan, domestic users can not find the normal iTunes Store U.S. District connection, some of the U.S. site appears slow or not open log exception conditions. Experts confirmed that the submarine cable across the Pacific Ocean, about half of the earthquake affected. 3 carriers in China via Japan, a number of associated waters leading to the North American routes have also been varying degrees of damage. Due to the seabed operations, coupled with aftershocks, cable disruption in the short term is difficult to fully repair.

The impact of the earthquake in Japan continues, electronic component supply chains around the world are suffering from the tremendous impact of the earthquake. Industry sources, at least until May of this crisis can be resolved.

Recommended reason:

The earthquake was able to spread to the global electronics industry chain, because the Japanese control of the upstream core technology. In the whole industrial chain, the Japanese controlled the most profitable part. Although China also has a large number of well-known electronics brands, but most of its core components is also labeled “Made in Japan” label.

Japan’s earthquake on the global extent of impact the electronics industry, is currently hard to statistics, but already reflected in the China’s electronic information industry short board. Electronics industry in China is big country, continuously stressed the industrial upgrading in the country today, Chinese enterprises lack the cutting-edge products, not the core technology of the old problems still serious. With the accelerating globalization of the industry chain, China’s low cost of the road has come to an end. Manufacturing plants in China from the global power shift to the technology has become an inevitable choice.

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